Yeelight Bulb (Color) - initial setup

Hi all,
I’ve bought 6 bulbs, to use it in my house.
So, the manual is in chinese, which means that I had to check the internet about how to install it.
I’ve being trying to reset it, using the process described (on and off 5 times, sec delay), and the bulb should turn white after that, but this never happened.
The bulb keeps blinking between colors and white, and if I try to connect to it via wifi, as described in the app, I cannot do that.
I’ve being trying to do that with the MiHome app and the Yeelight app, but none works.
Please, can you give a step by step process about how to install it?
Is there any errocode list?
Sometimes the bulb starts to blink white like crazy, and I don’t what it means.

Im from Brazil, and I’m using a Iphone 6

What’s your power voltage? The bulb only functions under 220v. Also, please make sure you are not using the bulb with a dimmer.

I have 110v … =(
Too bad that I’ve did not saw that before.