Yeelight bedside lamp with Alexa


Hi peeps,

Any chance of creating an Alexa skill set for this light. It is already an awesome light, if you could use Amazon Echo to turn it on off and change colors would be excellent.



We have tried that, but unfortunately we encountered some account linking issues during cloud to cloud interaction. WE are working on that.


i wish, wait for it.


we can help in some way? may be beta/alpha testers? :slight_smile:


If you are using Yeelight Bedside lamp which is a BLE device, you can’t use Alexa. If you have our WiFi device, you can enjoy Echo control.


I have 4 RGBW lamp, also have xiaomi gateway, Miwifi router and some xiaomi smart buttons


Please send a mail to "" and apply for beta users if you want.


Thanks weiwei :slight_smile:



I received this from WeiWei

“Yeelight Alexa skill is being certified and the beta testing program has ended, please stay tuned for the official release.”

do we know when this will go live as i asked for a beta tester account and really want to use Alexa with my new bulbs


Should not be long, we have submitted our skill for 3 days and I believe we should get some feedback today or tomorrow.


Brilliant cheers WeiWei


It would be great to have a BLE to WiFi Bridge or something to connect the Bedside Lamps with Alexa or Xiaomi Gateway or anything


BLE to WiFi Bridge is a great idea, still waiting for news too


Hello, but there’s a video in YouTube of a person who uses Alexa with the Bedside Lamp:



I didn’t realize my colleague show the lamp in that video. Actually, it’s not same product. Stay tuned!