Yeelight App

The app doesn´t work! I can´t log in on the account , after selecting the server and agree the T&C when i click on log in it only shows a Blank page and nothing is done.

Could you please show me a video of that issue? We can’t reproduce this issue in our lab.

When i tryed log in, only shows a blank page

Do you mean when you click Login button, nothing happen but that blank page shown, right?


@gsync13 I see most of the people are Portuguese. I could work around this problem changing Android language to English, then install the app, open it, and setup the account. Then i could change Android OS to Portuguese language again, the app runs fine (in app language continues in english).
My suspicion is that some OS language dependency occurs before Yeelight account configure screen appears, and at least when the os language is portuguese the app doesn’t show the account configuration screen.
I would like to ask everyone if their roms are Miui related as that is my case.

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@coasterli @gsync13 Issue development at topic:

Please consider this topic closure because is duplicated.

Issue fixed.