Yeelight App on tablet?

Hello guys and thanx for great product and continued support in software. Just one thing - I want to use my tablet as a switchboard for all Yeelight bulbs but the Yeelight app is not compatible. Ofcourse I can (and did) sideload the apk file to my tablet and it works just fine (at least on 7" tablet)… could you please enable tablet usage for Yeelight app?


Yes, this would be good addition.

Will do for next generation app.

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Great! Please remember landscape support.
Things like this is pretty annoying

Don’t have plan to support landscape so far.

Does that also mean it doesn’t work in multiwindow/splitscreen on nougat?

Didn’t plan to support that either.

I don’t undrstand why. It is very basic thing for app to support rotation and different sizes since Lollipop. Now we have Android O. Android apps are supposed to run on Chromebooks and be fully flexible with sizes and orientation. This prevents your app being used on millions of devices.