Yeelight App 3.0.02 android device rename lenght

I restarted all my devices, so when i tried to enter the same names as I had with v2.0, i couldnt. So i have had to use the mi home app. For example I cant enter Yeelight Ceiling Bedroom. The new app 3.0 doesnt let long names. Can you fix that?

Device name has room for up to 20 characters.

Can I suggest to increase the limit?
20 characters is more than enough for Chinese character but not English.

In that case, there should be a problem because with the Yeelight App 3.0.02 fo android it only lets me to enter “Yeelight Ceiling Bed” instead of Yeelight Ceiling Bedroom. And I had to use Mi home App to be able to enter the entire name.

Recommend to set personalized name to your device, for Chinese, it’s 10 hanzi and enough to use.