Yeelight Android App 3.0.01

Hello there and congrats on the new app and new features!

However, the app is not very responsive. When I touch the switch button next to the lights to turn on/off the lights, most of the time it doesn’t work, i have to press it repeatedly to work. Also when I press the room name it won’t go to the room extra settings. In general it’s like the touch commands do not always work. Also, when I manage to turn off the lights, the app reports that they are still on, and vice versa.

Please fix this.

1 more question. Does Alexa & Google Assistant now work with every server or still only with Singapore? I didnt find where to select Singapore on the new app.

Are you blind? I created the same post an hour ago. Don´t repeat posts.

Oh im sorry i swear i searched for a similar topic but i couldnt find it.
Please give me the link.
And moderators please delete my thread.

EDIT: Found it. I saw it before too but It seems you mr edited it since then. Before it seemed like it was just a personalized question regarding app language (spanish) but then (after my post) you changed both the thread title & the post so it will be a General Bugs/Discussion thread. So be nicer!
Anyway I moved my post there as well.