Yeelight and Yeelight LED are not reconnect to WiFI after wall switch off

Hello all

Lamps do not reconnect to the my wifi network after I turn them off with the wall switch.
The same situation with two Yeelight and one Yeelight LED.
Xiaomi Purifier work correctly in the same place and same wifi network

I do reset device, but it is not help with problem

Any ideas?
The firmware last.

Can you have a check that if the physical power supply is still on when your wall switch off?
Because generally speaking, wall switch always controls the physical power, if off ,there will be no power.


Do you mean Yeelight ‘ceiling’ lamps are not reconnecting after being switched off and then on?
If that’s the case, probably udp traffic are banned by your router or ISP. And we have a fix for that already. The new version will go online in 2 or 3 weeks. But if you need to try it before released, please PM me your xiaomi ID so that we can expose the beta version to you.

When I turn off the power with the wall switch, electricity stops physically on the lamp. And then, when I turn on the wall switch, the lamp lights up, but no longer connects to the network and becomes unavailable for control

Hi liufei!

Yes i mean yeelight ceiling and yeelight ceiling LED lamps

My Xiaomi ID is 1591581352


Hi, your mi id is in the white list now. You should be able to find the firmware versions. Please try them out :slight_smile:

Hi liufei!

I install new firmware, but it not solved the problem.

The Yeelight ceiling lamp do not connect to wifi after full blackout with wall switch

Which version is the ceiling on now?
Does the AP name or pass word include any special characters like white spaces?

The version is 1.5.5_0180.

And my password include special characters - it is P@ssw0rd

Any ideas?

Tried same password with yours, working just fine on our router, connecting to US servers.
It looks more like an environmental issue to me. Could you try connecting to some other ISP or WiFi hotspots backed by mobile phones?

It is good idea! Will try.


I do hidden SSID without password on the same router.

Now all is ok, all yeelight devices reconnect without problem.