Yeelight and repeater claims my WiFi is public

I purchased Yeelight LED bulb color and Repeater. When I try to connect any of them to my wifi, both of my wifi networks appear grayed and claimed as public.
My wifi’s are not public, but private.
A attached screenshot of the status of my and surrounded wifi networks.
I yellowed both mine. All other network are accessible (not public).
I have another repeater (not xiaomi) and using it I made another 2 wifi networks for test purposes (CSGuest and CStest), which seem to be OK for Yeelight and repeater, but I want to use my existing wifi.
Tell me please what I have to change to be able to connect my Yellight and Repeater to them.

I resolved it my self.
Thank you for your time.

Sorry for delay response. The whole office was leave for national holiday.

Could you please let us know more details?