Yeelight and mihome

I was originally connected to Singapore server. I had 8 light bulbs connected. I have used yeelight app to create a group of lights. Mihome app would show these group of lights as a separate device. For example I have 2 bulbs in living room. I call it living room group. I would then go to mihome app and control both bulbs at the same time… I have now changed to a Chinese server. I can still create a group of lights in yeelight app, but mihome app doesn’t show this group as a separate device in mihome app… I cannot turn on color flow for two bulbs so they would change color at the same time… please help

Sorry, I don’t quiet understand your question.

If you select “Mainland china” server in Yeelight app, and connect devices to it. You should also change server to “Mainliand China” in MiHome if you want to control it in MiHome.

I used to have yeelight groups in mihome app… now there are no more groups in mihome app… why?

MiHome team is working on the issue.

Any news?