Yeelight and miband

I noticed they is an option on the bulb settings regarding miband, but with my miband 1s I cannot enter the option. Is this only for miband 2?
If not how to use that option?

Yeelight LED bulb is a wifi-based product, it doesn’t support bind with MiBand.

So why there is that option?

Could you post a picture to show it?

I was wrong… I see that option if I go in MiHome app to the Bluetooth bedside lamps. From there if I click I am transferred to the yeelight part regarding that device and if I go from there to settings I can see the miband option.

I don’t know how to post a pic here…

Can’t confirm it for sure right now, as i’m not @home and ceiling light are offline (turned off via wall switch), but i’m quite sure i saw the miband option for at least ceiling lights in yeelight app… would be great if this function could be extended to support xiaomi amazfit watch. (i already know about the mihome app support with amazfit watch) :slight_smile:

This is what I mean…

Me to i have read something like this. In the yeelight website. I think there’s a possibility to control lights with our miband with “mbe” but i don’t know what is this