Yeelight, Alexa Skill not working since yesterday

Hello, all my Yeelights are since yesterday evening no longer over the Alexa Skill controllable, “device or group does not react”. In the Yeelight app, I can turn them on or off without problems. Skill is activated, nothing has been changed, firmware is also up to date.

Seems I don’t have any problem using my echo dot

Where are you from? UK, Germany or other countries?

from Germany. In a German forum also some have the problem others but also not. Also Alexa firmware is current. greetings

This error maybe related to network issue, could you find another time and try?

I already have the router rebooted, Alexa restarted. The yeelight app works without problems

No problem in SG using SG server and two Echo Dot’s.

We suspect there is service outage, but not get official confirm from Amazon.

At this time, nothing we can do but wait.

Any update?

no and all updates are up to date! :confused:

How about now?

Hi, I have disabled the skill and re-activated it. Now it works again! But normal is not so, but seems to have been a mistake of Amazon. Greetings!

Glad to hear!

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