Yeelight Alexa is down?

I got 3 color light bulb all unable to be controlled by 2 different Alexa device it is showing offline in Alexa app but online in yeelight app, it was working before very weired I tried turning on and off Alexa skill but failed

It’s really strange, where are you from? We will take a look from our side.

Hong Kong, the only new thing is I installed a new echo show device, I also using smartthings with raspberry pi as bridge it is working fine though
Forget to mention while uninstalling the skill and reinstall again sometimes it will fail but try again will succeed looks like sth wrong

This morning I tried to remove all yeelight device and disable and enable the yeelight skills and all devices cannot be discovered it could discover but showing offline before

That’s really strange!!! Could you try again? If you are using UK amazon account, then you may encounter this problem.

Just found out the reason my another xiaomi account seems cached in Alexa the strange bit is it could be linked to the skill successfully and showing devices but in offline status, so did not notice the account was not correct
Thanks weiwei