Yeelight 3.0

What is the expected date to launch the Yeelight 3.0 app?

In the middle of September, I guess.

Thanks for waiting. As you might already known, there will be big change in 3.0. So it took long to develop and test.

We will launch beta testing before official release.

Please pay attention to the official announcement in forum.

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When will beta testing be available

First, sorry for my english.

I want to know if there is anyway to use MiHome app (China server) with Yeelight app (Singapore server) together?
My yeelight are on Singapore server because I use Google Home, but I want to control my lamps with mihome too, but it doesnt find lamps on Singapore server.

Is there any way to use both?

The data from different server are separate. In you case, you setup device from Yeelight app in Singapore, you will not see the lamps from Mihome in China server, but in Singapore it will be work.

Yeah, I know that. :confused:

When I use Singapore server on MiHome, none of my Xiaomi devices (Yeelight, Power Strip, Router, Smart Home devices etc) shows on it.
See screenshots… I think theres no way to solve it… :confused: