Yeelight 3.0.02 on playstore!

Just downloaded, seems to work ok for the time being. Will test more when I get home :slight_smile:

Still music flow not working for me. Updated app, updated firmware and even deleted data and re-installed app!? Music flow grants access to microphone but then first show “not working” after some seconds and later just starts and stops after 2 seconds without any message again. Still LG G5 with Android 7 and Nexus 5 with Android 7.1.

Not available in Spain yet.

I’m testing with several color bulbs and i like this new version app but unfortunately Home Shortcuts for groups still doesn’t work!! Home Shortcut for single bulb works fine but if i create a Home Shortcut Toggle for a group it doesn’t toggle anymore after the first time unless i manual refresh bulbs status!

One change I see is that there are groups now back in widget (they were there in v2.x but dissapeared in 3.x beta)

There’s any way to reorder bulb devices by alphanumeric order instead of date of installation without need to remove and reinstall all them again? Lets suppose someone has 10 color bulbs already installed (named by default Yeelight Color Bulb, Yeelight Color Bulb2, 3, …10) and needs to substitute Yeelight Color Bulb3 for a new bulb. After removing it the new bulb just installed assumes by default the name Yeelight Bulb3 but comes last on the list of devices. Thanks.

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This new version doesn’t allow me to add devices (bulbs) to light groups anymore! I did it with previous versions but now i add and save but when i check nothing was saved inside the light groups…

It responds quickly on on/off which is cool. But! It doesn’t update the status of lights correctly… I exit the app and launch again and still it shows wrong lamps on/off… C’mon guys, I did this with Tasker and it is working 100% of the time perfectly!!

OK, I found out something. If you use only 1 Yeelight app all is ok, but if you use on 2 devices or turn bulbs on/off manually through API (I use it in my Tasker app and from Kodi) then it doesn’t show the correct status of the bulbs! It is then possible to control bulbs which show correct status trhough Yeelight app, but impossible to control those that show wrong status (on/off)! Until it refreshes, and it can take awahile until it does…

One thing i’m looking forward too!