Xiaomi App: how to set specific color


i just buy 37 xiaomi/yeelight product (25 bulb, 4 stripe, 6 sensors, 1 gateway).

The problem now is how to make it working!

1) How to make this trigger:
"if then .
As I understood i cannot create an Scene or change the bulb color with Automation.
I can only change the color manually, but is not possibile to define a specific color with Automation. This is very strange, because i cannot create different Scene. For example “if is between 00:00 and 07:00 light brightness is 70% but between 08:00 and 17:00 is 30%”.

2) I can only use Xiaomi App and not Yeelight because Yeelight is not able to see any sensors. So why 2 app from the same company is not able to communicate!?


Yeelight is one of xiaomi ecosystem company, you can only manage your Yeelight products in Yeelight app. But in MiHome, you will be able to manage all products produced by xiaomi ecosystem companies.