I’ve got a new ceiling light. When connected and powered I connected the app with my WiFi. I have a switch to turn off/on the lamp. When It’s connected with WiFi (and working), I turn off the switch to turn the power off. When I turn it on, the wifi connection has been disconnected, but after a few minutes, it’s still not connecting to my router. Is that normal? The app says that the ceiling is offline. When I want it to connect I need reset it first before use…

Please make sure you have updated the firmware to latest version.

Is the latest 1.4.2_149?

No. If you are connecting to Singapore server, please switch to China mainland server and update the firmware and then change back to Singapore.

Yeah that fixed the issue. Why is the update not also on Singapore servers?

Will release very soon.


Just join … got my first Yeelight it a ceiling version.
Is China locale to updated successful.

Love it …

Check , is the Alexa skill ready for the ceiling light. I assume need to change the locale back to Singapore.


Yes, you are right, change back to Singapore and enjoy Alexa.

Hi WeiWei

Thanks for the insights.