Wifi transmit power


I notice that the ceiling light seems to be using about 1.1W on standby (switched off with power still running).

Is it possible to configure/reduce the transmit power, or how frequent it transmits?


  • I know many wifi smart power switches only consumes 0.3W on idle.

  • Using a electrosmog meter (EMF radiation sensor), I notice quite a bit of transmission occuring over wireless.


I am guessing 1.1 W is still reasonable but if new firmware update can reduce more will be great

We are trying to improve the power consumption by enable IEEEPS mode, however, some bugs are there and we need to do more tests.

Hi! Any update on this? I have four ceiling lights and the standby power adds up. I saw that the new bulbs consume a lot less power in standby. Will this update come to the ceiling light as well? Thanks!

We are working on power saving on ceiling lights, but we need to do lots of stability tests before release it. BTW, since ceiling lights used combo chip (WiFI + BLE), the power consumption will be greater than single WiFi chip.

Is there any news on testing IEEEPS mode? I have 9 ceiling lights so energy reduction would be welcome.