WiFi Connection Problem

Hello, recently I bought a Yeelight LED Bulb. Now I am trying to get it connected to my wifi network but it doesn’ work. The app detects the bulb, but my home network is grayed out and I can’t select it.

Before I receive the standard answers suggested to everyone else with this problem: Yes, the network has a strong password with at least 8 letters, yes, the network has WPA2 encryption, yes, the network is in the 2.4 GHz band. So I don’t know why the app detects the network as “public” and the bulb can’t be connected.

hmmm. that’s strange. Did you try both MiHome app as well as Yeelight app?

Yes, I tried both, both with the same result

Do you have wifi single extender with same SSID of your wifi?


Please try to click the grayed out network and show me the error prompt.

HI I have a simillar problem where I cannot connect to my extended home wifi it keeps timing out, i have updated firmware using ur account