Wifi connecting yeelight ceiling


Hi… I had the same problem with a yeelight rgb bulb, I solved this way… deactivate the 5ghz wifi from your router,just turn it off,and activate ONLY the 2.4ghz . Then reset the light,and try again to connect. Once connected, you can activate the 5ghz net again. Sounds stupid,but for me it worked. Let me know!


I`m faced with the same problem - after restarting the router lamp is not connected automatically to the router. After the reset lamp is visible in the app and in a few seconds connects to the router and drop connection. I switch off in the router support Jumbo frames and the lamp was able to connect without any problem. Maybe it will help someone.


I had exactly the same problem and followed Sartax’s advice to temporarily disable the 5G band on my router.
It connected straight away. Thanks for the tip.[quote=“Asking, post:1, topic:2790, full:true”]
I just got the ceiling light and somehow I can’t connect between the light to the app.The remote which provided works,however the app doesn’t-it isn’t recognises the light.I did serval resets and the wifi works pretty good and I can find it.
Any help?
Thanks in advance.