We need a proper physical remote


Hi all, I have a lot of yeelight bulbs around the house, and I’m really really like you guys.

The thing I’m missing the most is a proper physical controller for our lights. I’m talking of something like the IKEA TRÅDFRI remote:

The only option for now seems the Xiaomi Gateway + Magic Cube Controller combo. The cost for the 2 units it’s about 45/50 USD, that’s a lot.

Think about it, and keep going!


@weiwei any plans about this? Thank you very much.


You really should consider the Xiaomi ecosystem - the physical wall switches are great quality.


But it’s not a remote. A remote actually exist, (https://www.yeelight.com/en_US/product/kiwi) but it’s BLE only, so it’s not compatible with bulb.


if you need a remote you can move around, another option is the magic cube


Yes, I know, as I wrote in the first post, that’s a 45/50 USD solution for a remote. Looks too much for me.


ok good luck