Wake Up light Problem

Hi Yeelight Team, i have just bought the new Bedside Lamp but i cant choose any scenes like sunrise as a wake up light. Everytime i push the “run scene” button nothing happens. There also is a little round symbol on the right side of the screen where every other option has an arrow to the right. The option “turn on/off a scene” always says “you havent added any tasks”, but on that page i cant add something. Can you please help me with that? Im on the U.S. Server.

Do you mean you can’t set a Schedule with a recommend scene?

Yes, thats the problem. I can set timers (in Automation) but i cant add a theme to them. I can also see what themes exist when i go to the right in the main menu but when i tap on “apply” nothing happens…

We did some optimization about the issue, will release in a week, stay tuned.

The update didn‘t solve the issue :cry: i still can‘t add a scene to a timer.

Which app were you using? Mihome or Yeelight?

i used the yeelight app. Is it normal that in the sunrise scene the colour changes from orange to green?!?