Use music mode with laptop


I have Yeelight Lightstrip and it is pretty cool for my desk setup. I have read through the forum and I learned that the music mode feature is accepted sound from the phone microphone.

How do I use my laptop to receive sound and transfer it to the Lightstrip? I tried using Bluestack and run Yeelight apps, it’s working well on changing light color but the music mode failed to start.

I’m using Macbook with MacOS 10.12.3

The lightstrip itself doesn’t proceed music/audio. The app convert the sounds from microphone to color changing command and send to lightstrip. In order to enable music mode, you have to make sure the lightstrip and Yeelight app are under the same local network.

Any suggestion on how I can use my Macbook microphone? It’s on the same network. Running Yeelight apps with Bluestack doesn’t work for music mode.

This is very simple step you shared to on that music mode on my laptop but there is one of the best experience here I got but there is an error I found that I resolve with the blog of 0xc0000185 that is much worked for me.

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