[Update] Yeti, a new app to control Yeelight


Hello Szopen!
Thank you so much for this feedback! For the moment we have decided the app will be for free. We will include new features really soon! I hope you can stay with us so you can see what is coming!

Thank you so much again and if you have any other feedback I will be very glad to hear it


Yes, I tried that and it doesn’t work.

The blinking effect works, but not the loop.


Hmm that’s really strange nobody has reported this error before. Can you please tell me what light model do you have? So that, we can try it. Thank you!


It’s the Yeelight White bulb. If you need more info, please let me know where to find it.


Hey Vevola,

We detected that the loop option shouldn’t be available on the white light bulb so that effect is only for the color lights. We are going to integrate new light effects in the following releases (white and color lights)

Thank you so much for the feedback!


And what about not being able to control the brightness? Kinda silly that the only think we can do right now with your app is turn the light on and off and make it blink: I could use the light switch for that. :slight_smile:


That shouldn’t be like that. I just reported the bug to the developers. As you said, I would be such a stupid thing only turning on/off the lights. Can you please send us an email to hello@netbeast.co so we can inspect the light properties you have?

I will be fixed asap!

Thank you!


New version of Android just released. Now you can create widgets for a quick access to your charms I hope you like it! :smile:


Geofencing available any time soon?


We are still thinking on this. First, We need to see how we can offer the best user experience for Geofencing due to this feature makes more sense when you can control your devices remotely without using local control. Sadly, remote control isn’t currently available for third party apps so we are still looking the best way to deal with this.


I’ll uninstall Yeti since it’s useless for now with the Yeelight I have. Good luck!


Hello Vito,

The issue you were having with your white lights was reported. It will be fixed in the next release (this week)

I hope you can try again the app when the new version is on production and let us know if we’ve solved your issue

Best, Luis


Since Yeelight wont consider doing it on their side, a samsung gear s2/s3 app (and of course android wear if you dont have if already) would be great! It is frustrating to have a smartwatch on you and not be able to control your smart devices in your house (tasker with its GUI is not an option… samsung gear s2/s3 has a rotation wheel for a bezel that could be used for various functions such as dim/bright, change colors etc). There is alredy a “my hue” app to take ideas from. I think a lot of us with smartwatches, would pay a reasonable amount for something like this


Hey! Thank you so much for this suggestion. We will consider and evaluate the addition of this feature on our roadmap. Thank you so much!


Yeelight brightness issues regarding White lights were fixed in the newest version 1.4.28 :thumbsup:


Would really love GPS activation for lights…


Just curious… what do you mean by GPS activation?


I’ve reported this as a feature request but right now it isn’t in the roadmap as we have others coming :smiley:

I think he means activate lights based on your location


A new version of the app has been released today! Any feedback is really welcome!


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