Update error, unable to turn on the light

When I started to connect the Yeelight Ceiling with MiHOME, the application requested an update. During the firmware update, something happened and everything froze by 60%
I waited a long time, but the application did not answer.
Now everything is so bad that I can not turn on the lamp, even manually!
I tried to turn off the electricity for a long time, but nothing helps. What will you advice me?

Try resetting the lamp?

Are you mean turning off / on 5 times?
Tried, everything is bad, it does not help


Try turning everyithing off. You router and reset the lamp. and turn off. Then turn on router, lamp and try with Yeelight app… (not mihome)

I tried everything. the lamp does not work, sad ((

Could you turn off the ceiling lamp and wait for 1 hour, then turn on it and wait two to three minutes?

I tried (3 times), nothing happens. It seems to me like it does not take electricity …

Is there any other way to return the Yeelight lamp to the factory settings?

Can you help with the advice?
The lamp is in my child’s room, I need to decide what to do?

Could you contact your seller to see if they can replace one for you? For your case, we really don’t know how to handle since it seems to be a hardware issue instead of firmware issue.

I bought it on gearbest.com and it worked. The seller refuses to make a replacement.

gearbest.com is not our official reseller, we don’t know how to handle it.

can I ask for the future who is your official reseller in Europe (some large online store)

Maybe our own Amazon account on amazon.de, just like Yeelight on amazon.com