Understanding Scenes

Im struggling to understand how scenes work and there doesn’t seem to be much I’m the way of guides. I’m not interested in having disco lights or anything but I wanted to try use IFTTT which requires scenes. Can anyone help explain what it is and how set it up?

Mebster, I’m busy with work at the moment, but I’ll try and reply after 5 tonight.

@Mebster, Scenes are awesome!

You can use a scene to tie together multiple yeelights, saving the color, brightness and on/off state of each light.

To set this up, you first have to set each light as you want it to behave in the scene.

  1. Set each light one by one, just the way you want them. (Off/On, color, brightness)
  2. Create a scene, and add each light in its current state.

The key is “current state” - when you’re building your scene, there’s no interface to set the color or brightness, but it will “read” this from the bulb however its set when you build the scene.

So if you want a scene with all the bulbs yellow, 50%, set that all up one by one first, then create a new scene, and add all your bulbs in the current state.

The bulbs don’t all have to be the same, and you can have multiple scenes and the scenes can each use the same or different bulbs.

  • Jack

Thanks for you reply, we have done some optimization of Scene action, will released very soon.

BasementJack, thanks for taking the time to write an informative response. I think I understand what you’ve explained to me so will try put that into action.

Thanks a lot mate!