Unable to link yeelight to Google home

Hi there, please help.

I unlinked my account in Google home but now when I try to link it again it says “couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection”. My connection is fine and I’ve tried multiple times. I’m on the Singapore server.

Hello, try to delete the Google app data then link again. If still not work, uninstall Google app then install another version (previous version)
Next time, don’t unlink anymore. If you had changed some settings just resync Google. (By saying sync my devices)

I’m having the exact same problem. Did you ever find the solution that didn’t involve deleting all other settings?

Same problem here. Already tried clearing google cache and data. The error still occurred after the suggested troubleshooting.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Have fixed the issue.

I can confirm , I successfully added my Yeelight v2 RGB to google this morning.
Thank you.