Unable to find bluetooth

Hi all,

I’ve received my Yeelight Bedside lamp today and was eager to connect it to my phone via Bluetooth. However I’m not able to find the lamp.
I’m currently using a OnePlus 3t (Android 8.0.0). I’ve tried using the Yeelight app and the Mi Home app, but both did not work. Also trying to search the lamp with my MacBook Pro or an iPhone resulted in nothing.
I have reset the lamp multiple times by pressing the power button and inserting the power cable. But this also resulted in nothing.
Is there any method I can try to find my new lamp via Bluetooth?


Could you find devices named “XMCTD**” in your bluetooth settings?

If not, please try to restore it : https://www.yeelight.com/faq/answer/en_US/answer1.html