Unable to connect to WiFi, timeout

I’ve seen some people having this issue but don’t see any resolution, hope the yeelight staff can help me.
I am not able to connect via wifi, always stuck at 25% and time out.

  • tried with my phone mobile data hotspot (different SSID), able to work And connect.
  • tried to rename my mobile hotspot to the same SSID as my wifi router (switched off during this time), I still can’t get it to connect, either timeout or a big red Cross.
  • tried setting DNS to or, doesn’t with too
    I’m using ASUS AC87u, connecting to 2.4 network and on WPA2.

Really hope someone can help me out on this… Thank you…

Any special character in your SSID or Password?

I have the same problem.I have 2 lightstrips.The one which I bought last year,It works normally.The other one which I bought this month.But I always had problem in connection.The problem is 100% same as the Pspower.I tried the method to change ID into lixin@yeelink.net.But it still not works.