Unable link my yeelight account to my Google home

Hey guys,
I’m living in Canada, I just got a new Mi lamp.
I tried to link my account so many times, but I can’t. It stopped on the authorization page. (picture)
It just repeats to the same page again and again when I taping the sign in button.

I tried to change the server, created a new account, clear data and cache, no one can solve the issue.
Can someone help me to figure it out?

Please show me your xiaomi ID.

Hi yusure

My ID is winter.yuan.93@gmail.com

OK, i found your account has no device. first you should bind your desk lamp on Yeelight app.

Sorry for late reply!
I have talked with Google home help services, and they said this is a known issue, and they will fix it soon.
P.s. I linked the lamps to my another account by a mistake… that’s why you can’t find anything on my account, sadly.

Anyway, thank you for your help!

Yes, many guys encounter this problem, i’ll already feedback to Google Home.