Two phones controlling light bulb?

My wife is trying to use the Yeelight app as well (as me) to control out E27 colour light bulb, but can’t get it to work. Is it not possible for two phones to control the light bulb?

Definitely possible you just need to logon to yeelight app with the same account. I use it on phone and tablet.

Will support device share in Yeelight 3.0, currently you can logon with the same account in different devices.

@dalanik, that’s a ok.

Perfect, that worked!

You can also download the mi Home app to do device share to different accounts, this removes the need to logon to the same account in the app

I have already version 3.1 and still can’t share the same bulb with two accounts.

Sorry, found how to do that, please disregard previous message :slight_smile: