Trigger specific brightness with MiHome

Hello everyone,

There’s one apparently very basic task I’d like to accomplish but I somehow can’t figure how to do it.

I own some Aqara switches (“mini” and “wall” versions) which I’d like to use to control one Yeelight white bulb. I’d like one switch to switch ON/OFF the bulb at very low brightness and another switch to switch it ON/OFF at full brightness. I could use the “Turn on/off” command for the Yeelight but this doesn’t set the low brightness I want. I could use the “Turn on and set light” command but this one doesn’t turn it off when pressed every second time.

I’m lost on how to accomplish this simple function…

Could you show me how to do it ?

Seems there is no existing rule could make it happen. Need a new rule like “Switch ON/OFF and set light”.

Is there another way to accomplish that ?

Is there any possibility to request this feature ?

IMHO, there’s no real point in having a “turn ON and set light” if you can’t turn it OFF afterwards.

No other way so far.

It’s too complicated to understand for most users. You can set “Turn on/off” for one switch, “Toggle Brightness” for the other.