Yeelight RGB V2 suddely no more Wifi

I have a Yeelight RGB V2 which worked flawless for the last 3 months, but suddenly lost connection to my router.

Now it wil only turn on at max brightness and white. I have tried to reset the bulb several times and same for the router, but no luck.

Could it be that the wifi module on the bulb broke down?!

So you can’t reset the bulb successfully? Please have a check if there’s an AP named like “yeelink-light_***” in your phone’s wifi list.


Thank you for your reply, but no. It won’t show up in the DHCP list of connected devices on my router. All my other Yeelights are there (2 1st gen bulbs, 1 lightstrip).

Also, i don’t see an AP when i check my list on my phone. But, i also don’t see my other (working) bulbs.