Yeelight Galaxy 650 Music Flow


I am thinking about buying 1 or 2 of these but I have a few questions

1.I see these 3 product names on the internet, are they all the same product for different countries/markets or different products? And if they are not the same, what are the differences?
Yeelight Galaxy
Yeelight Jiaqye
Yeelight Moonl

  1. I have 20 eyesight bulbs/light strips and I use music flow.a lot. I have heard that it isn’t possible to group the ambilight in this ceiling lamp ogether with these other yeelights products and do music flow for the whole group, or maybe not even by itself, is this true? And if it IS true, when will it be fixed? The ambilight in the lamp should have the same possibilities as any other light strip of course, this is extremely important.

  2. I cannot find a distributor / seller to buy this product from in UAE / Dubai? Is there one? And if yes, who?

  1. Yes, probably same product
  2. No it doesn’t work, probably never will… but we can hope :slight_smile:
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So you can’t even add the ambilight of the lamp to a scene so it turns on/off with your other eyesight products?

If so this is an absolute mayor flaw and should be rectified immediately. Whats the point with the Yeelight ecosystem then ;(

No, the ambilight doesn’t work at all like stripes or bulbs. Also, you can’t set any scenes for them (neither color nor brightness), you can’t add it to “customization”.
The developers here claimed already several times that they work on this function, but this goes for at least 5 months as far as I know and yet, no update.
Concerning the music flow function I don’t think it will ever be possible. So if you rely on using scenes and don’t want to set it manually all the time, I wouldn’t really recommend you to have them.
Despite that all, the light is magnificent and beautiful and unlike any other…

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Thank you for the clarification Kriss.
But this is obviously an oversight and should be rectified immediately.

Yeelight staff, can you please get an update from developers on when this will be fixed?
Being able to set scenes, color, brightness, customization and music flow are absolutely essential and one of the reasons we are buying your products.

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Couldn’t agree more. I, unfortunately, didn’t know that before buying them…

Hi Yeelight staff, is the Chinese new year not over?
Is there any news about fixing these issues?

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In a case you would have maybe a beta software, i thing we both would be very grateful if you’d give it to us :blush:

Hello Yeelight,

I’m also little dissapinted that ambilight setting cannot be saved. When is this going to be fixed ?

If I knew this is not working I’d not bought this product.


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Whats equally disappointing is no yeelight staff answering and taking this issue seriously or providing a time frame on when the issue will be fixed.

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You’re right, unfortunately…

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