Lightstrip sunrise/sunset flickering

With the last firmware for Lightstrip Plus i’ve found a very annoying issue regarding sunset scene.
Basically, the light flickers both in term of brightness and color. This means two things:

  1. while brightness should constantly reduce, it actually has some “flash” at an highest brightness level;
  2. while colour should turn from yellow/orange to red, it has some “flash” at the, let’s say, previous color. For example if it is deep orange, it suddenly flashes for an instant at a lighter orange colour.

At the moment i just report the issue but will try to catch with a video soon.

EDIT: same happens with sunrise scene

Sorry for the late update. I hope the problem is sufficiently visibile into this video:

Hello. I am experiancing the same issue. Since I bought the product only for the usage as a light alarm clock with the sunrise function, I am really thinking about sending it back. Is there any explanation/progress on this topic?