Yeelight RGB V2 bulb connectivity issues


Recently i bought one Yeelight rgb v2 bulb. It used to work almost fine till the latest firmware update. Now it looses connection frequently and appears offline so i have to reset it and reconnect it to the app…
Any ideas on fixing this problem ?


Which version of firmware do you use?


I use firmware 2.0.4_0039. The lamp stay connected for a few minutes and then goes offline. Still i can see the lamp conected to my router and it responds when i ping it… If i switch it off and turn it on then it connects again.


Which server do you select?


I have selected mainland China.
I have several yeelight products (5 yeelight bulbs V1, a ceiling lamp a mi bedside lamp, and a desk lamp) All except the desk lamp whitch has a similar behavior with the yeelingt led lamp V2 are connected with the same sarver (mainland china) and work fine