Yeelight Bulb V2 (Color + White) - conection timeout

I purchesed 2 Bulbs.

  • White V2
  • Color V2

I have a timeout error, when I try to setup.
I am in Switzerland

  • I selected CN Mainland
  • WLAN = 2.4 GHZ
  • removed all special char from the SSID of my Router
  • Router = AVM Fritzbox 7590

I was able to connect, but only with a Hotspot.
I have 2 phones. So I connected my main phone with the hotspot of the other. Then it worked.
But it is not so convinient, as always I have to start the Hotspot before I can start the Bulb (color)

So looks like, there is an issue when I try to connect with my Router. It works with the Hotspot

Make sure SSID and password for wifi don’t have any other characters than alpha and numbers. Try setting the DNS server to on your router.