Is yeelight server down? - Why is it offline through a router??!

I am unable to connect or get a successful ping from at all today.

Is the server down? Sucks that my newly purchased smart WiFi color bulbs are now just expensive dumb ones now!

Hi, what’s your problem for detail, server of forbids to ping, so you can’t ping it successfully.

Everytime I try to setup my Yeelight Color Bulbs, it says connection timeout. I’ve already set my DNS to and my bulb is already in my router DHCP list so my assumption is that there’s some connection problem with the server

Which country do you live? Could you try with other servers?

Singapore. I’ve tried US and China without any success. Any solution?

Then Singapore server is fit for you. Please use another phone to setup a hotspots with 4G network and try connect the bulb to it to see if it works.

The app setup doesn’t connect at all through a 4g hot-spot either

Do you have other xiaomi/Yeelight devices? What’s your xiaomi account?

This is my first device. My account is 418933775

I’ve been reading quite a number of recent posts about connection problems.

Please check and assist

I finally managed to get my Yeelight bulb connected after using another handphone as a hotspot, but when I let it connect to my brand new Asus RT-AX88U, the Yeelight android app says the bulb is offline.

From what I’ve read on other threads, this is a recurring issue.

What’s going on Yeelight?!