Connection timeout issue

Dear Andy

Thank you for your quick response and my apologies for addressing the Xiaomi Philips Zhirui in the Yeelight forum.

However I realized I am having similar problem when trying to connect my E27 color 2 Yeelight with the Chinese mainland server. I have purchase over 20 E27 Yeelight and a bunch of Xiaomi home automation gadgets which I am trying to get them all connected . Could you please assist to whitelist my Yeelight account 6226453443

Thank you sir

Hello. My id 6244495848.

Please add me to whitelist.

Good life


I have same issues with yeelight devices.

My user ID: 6265557769

Thanks you!

Hello. My id 1914022292.

Please add me to whitelist.
Thanks in advance.

gr8 thx - it’s worked 4 me!

my id is 6254549857
please add me to the white list
Thank you!

Please Help me with connecting my light the firmware update is not working. I have not been able to connect my light and then I tried to update the firmware


it looks like someone changed the password, can you reset it ?

I got same problem with connection time out with Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 can somebody please reset the password for the account mentioned. Btw my account is 6225104388

Hello, I was able to use this method to update the firmware on my first lamp. I bought another lamp and I can no longer log into account to update firmware of my new lamp. Please help me. My account number is 6194008899 Thank you

Please reset the password not working again

please reset the pasword to update firmware. id 6273611863

Извините, но я не могу войти под вашем логином и паролем. Мой Id 4169464702. Где можно посмотреть версию прошивки yeelight. В маршрутизатор моя лампа есть.

Этот текст будет скрыт

Have changed account:

Can you please whitelist my account? I am having the same issues.


Hi can you reset password for the old account. many thanks

I can confirm that this is the only solution that worked for me - Yeelight multicolour LED bulb.

It was not a DNS or ISP, or router, or WiFi issue.

I connected to the account in post #1 according to instructions, and managed to get the bulb connected. Then updated the firmware. Then I logged out. Logged back in with my own account and repeated the steps to connect the bulb. Connected successfully on the first attempt within seconds.

I only stumbled onto this post by accident. Tried out so many other solutions. It would be nice if there is an official FAQ located somewhere searchable easily.


So, we just have to wait that they reset again the password and try again.

Please whitelist my account 1580883702. Thanks.