Connection timeout issue

Hi, I can’t connect the Light even after follow the recommandation with your account. My account number is 6267281225. What can I do ?

When I entered with your account there were not a firewall upgrade. Today I tryed again but it seems someone changed your password, again

hello the account not work can you check password please i have old yeelight strip that not work with new app thx

I succeeded, I entered, I updated the firmware and I finally managed to connect to my account! Thanks!

Hey can you whitelist me? 6158051103 have 3/10 bulbs that won’t connect. They have been connected before…

Let me explain:
Every now and then the bulbs stop responding to the Aqara wall switches (have them in every room(!)). The solution is to delete the bulbs from the yeelight app, and then add them again. Sometimes the bulbs need to be reset. This is a huge pain, because I made sure they always have power, so that I can put them on standby using either phone or the wireless wallswitches from Aqara. To reset the bulbs I have to twist the bulb out and in of the lampsocket 5 times… it’s not a matter of flipping the wallswitch (because it does not cut power)

Today, I woke up and nothing was responding. The Aqara hub, as well as 3 Yeelight bulbs don’t seem to connect to the Yeelight app not the Mi Home app. And with the hub not connecting all my wallswitches don’t work either for the other lamps. This is a serious issue! Please help!

Edit: somehow 2 of 3 bulbs do connect now. One still down and everything else as well (due to hub).

I think the SINGLE biggest mistake people make is deleting bulbs and adding them :slight_smile:
If your bulbs lose connection, and it happens to me sometimes, it is enough to turn them off, let them off for like 10 minutes and turn them on again. I have never ever deleted bulb from mihome/yeelight and it all just works.

Or it could be your hub/gateway that has the problem.

Next time check if you can PING the bulbs, check you router if you see them connected. If not, turn the off (unscrew) let 10-15 minutes and screw back.

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Good suggestion. I’ll keep that in mind next time. Forgot about the bulb on the attic. That’s still 2 that don’t connect and the hub… I’ll try again tomorrow and then they act out again, I’ll try the remove power for 10m. That is still a hassle, but less than deleting and adding…

I actually checked the connection from my router. I can manually reconnect them so that issues in the connection should be gone. After them not responding after that either, I just tried something else… And deleting them and adding them back usually worked. I have had the not responding issues at least 10 times. This was the answer all those times, until now…

Edit: typos

UP, absolutely correct :+1:

these are the ones I bought, not sure which (if it particularly matters?) to choose in the phone app setup for these(?), but haven’t been able to get any of them to connect yet. I’ve reset them numerous times, they only show up in my phones wifi for a short time before disappearing again. I’ve tried changing various settings in my router setup (Netgear WNR3500Lv2 with latest firmware V1.2.0.54_50.0.94) even took the individual mac addresses off the bulbs and tried manually entering them but they never show up as connecting…

using iphone 6s software version 12.4.1
tried the above account/pass and china server, can only ever get to 25% connection to 1 of the bulbs sticks at that till timeout…
Mi Account ID: 6251633619
who do I contact about a return/refund?, I’ve fought with these now for days without getting anywhere toward resolving the issue

I know now. Going home now I see that again 3 yeelights are offline. Gonna try the solution and will report back soon. Any help on the ones i cannot connect, due to timed out error?

Edit: cutting power for a out ten minutes works like a charm!

Dear sir
I have the same problem with my account can you please add me to the whitelist.
I am unable to connect the Philips E14 lights all the other devices work. When I used the email and I’d provided I was able to add the light. Please help.

My user ID 6226453443

Thank you in advance

This is Yeelight, we know nothing about Philips

Dear Andy

Thank you for your quick response and my apologies for addressing the Xiaomi Philips Zhirui in the Yeelight forum.

However I realized I am having similar problem when trying to connect my E27 color 2 Yeelight with the Chinese mainland server. I have purchase over 20 E27 Yeelight and a bunch of Xiaomi home automation gadgets which I am trying to get them all connected . Could you please assist to whitelist my Yeelight account 6226453443

Thank you sir

Hello. My id 6244495848.

Please add me to whitelist.

Good life


I have same issues with yeelight devices.

My user ID: 6265557769

Thanks you!

Hello. My id 1914022292.

Please add me to whitelist.
Thanks in advance.

gr8 thx - it’s worked 4 me!

my id is 6254549857
please add me to the white list
Thank you!

Please Help me with connecting my light the firmware update is not working. I have not been able to connect my light and then I tried to update the firmware