Google Home errors


I have experienced several errors using google home voice commands all saying: “I’m afraid there was an error and I’m unable to control your home device”

This happens when I use a command like “Hey Google, dim the lights”

I have used the sync command and now it works but I noticed the following:

I have a room with two lights, set up as a room in both the Yeelight app and Google Home. Right now when both lights are on everything works. When one light is physically off (with the light switch) and I say “Turn off the light” it turns of the light that has power and then gives me the error “I’m afraid there was an error and I’m unable to control your home device”.

I guess this is because the second device is off? Is there a way to prevent this from happening other then leaving that light connected to power?

I am using the German server
User: 1909019758
Google home set to Dutch and English

Is it normal that I get the same error when I switch my devices off and do I have to use the sync command every time?
I can`t force the misses to talk to a machine instead of using a light switch :wink:

Google Home App Doesn’t Work

Update your app. Updates are rolled out regularly, and your phone might not have auto-update on. …
Uninstall and reinstall the app. This technique typically solves any app problems, so it’s always worth trying.
Clear app cache.
Reboot your phone.

Rachel Gomez