Enquiry - Connectivity

I would like to ask if the Yeelight LED Bulb (Color) gen 2 can work with my dormitory wifi? The wifi will require a password to access, however I have seen similar issues with others where they cannot use the light bulb. Thanks for your assistance.

I think so, the lamp can only work with a router using WPA / WPA 2 encryption method with a password, 2.4ghz.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, can I check if I still need to buy a separate router for the lamp to work?

Also, can I check if the yeelight also comes with a product code for authentication? Thanks!

No if there’s no limit of your dormitory’s wifi.


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Thank you so much for your assistance!

I am not able to connect my yeelight color bulb with yeelight app. Always it is showing the server error 1011 please try again later. Kindly help in resolution of the issue

Could you connect it successfully?