[Solved] Yeelight RGB Bulb II cannot turn on.

Hello, just open new bulb, install it in lamp, turn on the power, but bulb doesnt light on (bulb looks new and not damaged). If i replace this bulb with other one, it works correct, so it definitely not the lamp issue. Bulb model number YLDP06YL
Voltage 220v.

In instruction mentioned that behaviour marked as possible functional faults, any change to reanimate it?

P.S. there is no flash or something else when i turn power, it just does nothing.

please double check if the socket is well and please try with other socket. If it is the same issue, please contact your retailer for a replacement.

I’ve try with 2 lamps and 3 different sockets, no result(

Finally, i’ve found solution, case was in my sockets, suddenly all sockets was deformated, and hot contact not connect to bulb (but original bulbs works well %( ), i’ve move hot contact nearer to bulb and it became work.