Yeelight IFTTT Service become offline every day


I am having a serious problem where my Yeelight service within IFTTT is disconnect every single day at a specific time (or sometimes within an hour or so of it). I’m reconnecting the service and everything work normally again, but then in the next day, at that specific time (around 13:00-14:00 in the afternoon) it will disconnect on its own. I’ve read some topics here where you suggest that maybe the lease has expired with the router. However, even when the service within IFTTT disconnected, I can still control the bulbs with the Yeelight app on my phone, so the bulbs are still connected to the internet and your server normally.

Is there something that you can suggest or do to resolve this please? I rely on the IFTTT applets to run these bulbs I use, and if it disconnects all the time, it becomes pretty annoying. Please help.

If you need me to provide additional info, please feel free to let me know.
Thank you.

It may be because of you had two IFTTT account but linked with one XIAOMI account.
And below is the reply of IFTTT staff:
“Yes, the multiple accounts situation you mentioned do exist. It is not unheard of for multiple IFTTT accounts to connect to the same service account. It might not be immediate, but we would eventually stop sending refresh requests for Account A.”
Please think of this situation, do you have two IFTTT account?

Thank you for your answer.
As far as I know, I only have one IFTTT account.
My IFTTT account is
I connect to YeelightIFTTT with Mi Account: account id is 1617919090

Had email to IFTTT’s staff to search your refresh requests to help us debug your issue.

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Do you have an answer please?

Sorry, IFTTT hadn’t reply me yet…

Is there any solution?