Bulbs, Switches and Google Home


I would like to control some yeelight bulbs with both google home and physical switches. As far as I understood, there are no wifi switches on the market and I have to rely on zigbee-based ones. Therefore I need a gateway. Is it correct?

If yes I am looking to buy this gateway:

with these switches

My question is: if i turnoff a bulb with a switch, will I be able to turn it on with google home? What about the opposite (turn off with google home, turn on with switch)?

Thank you

Yes, all is correct. If you turn off bulb with (Aqara) switch, ofcourse you can turn it on with Google Home. The bulbs are WiFi, so are always online. You can turn on/off via switches, cube, MiHome app, Yeelight app, Google Assistant, Google home…

Thank you.

As for Google Home integration is it better the new aqara gateway (homekit version) or the one that I linked in the first post?