Can't remove Good Morning and Good Night scenes

Hi devs!

Initially there were two scenes predefined in the Yeelight app - Good Morning and Good Night. Can’t tell for sure when exactly, but these scenes were removed from the app at some point. However, they are still present in the Google Home app interface and I’m unable to remove them. If I create new scene named Good Morning in the Yeelight app it appears as second Good Morning in the Google Home interface. I’ve tried sync devices command, but it didn’t help.

Is there any way to remove ALL Good Morning and Good Night scenes from the Google Home? Could you please check my Mi Account ID (174024721) and tell if there are some ghost scenes out there?


Sorry, I’ve just checked all servers I have used before in the Yeelight app and found these lost scenes on the one of them. Removed, sync devices and now they vanished from the Google Home app as expected. Problem has been solved! :smile:

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