[Solved] Timing conditioned light settings


I’m equipping my apartment piece by piece with bulbs amd other stuff.
So far I have two color yeelight V2, the mi gateway, and two aqara wall switches single rocket (one button).
I’m able to make them work as I wish except for one thing: I’d like the bulbs to light on at a specific intensity and white temperature between 8pm and 9am, and light on at other settings between 9am and 8pm when typing on the wall switches
What I can do is having them light on a specific setting but not using the toggle on/off action. Which means they don’t turn off anymore with the switches.

Does anyone know a workaround?
I’m not entirely sure of all the possibilities offered by either the mi home app or the yeelight one …
I’m also using them in Google Home but of course, not the switches as they are not recognized.

Thanks in advance for any help provided :blush:

No one ? Let me know if I’m bot clear in my question, that might be the case :laughing:.

Set them to turn on at specific time to a scene, then wait a bit (delay) and turn them off…

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
The thing is I I never how long i need them to stay on or off. That’s why I wanted to use the switches.
My goal is to have them automatically switching settings based on timing and keeping the switches to turn them on and off as I need.

Hope that make sense.

I mean turn them with scene only for 1 SECOND, then turn off. And when you switch them ON by switch they will turn on with LAST STATE…

Aaah, I see!! Excellent! Will try as soon as I’m back home.
Will let you know.


Works like a charm! Thanks a lot for the tips, it’s an elegant solution :slight_smile:


Glad it works for you. The only downside is that it has to “blink” for a second sometime… :slight_smile:

Yes, which indeed is not ideal when it’s in the bedroom in the morning. But I created a scene for weekdays re-setting the parameters to “bright” after 9 am when I’m gone at work and did a weekend version after 11am in case we want to stay in bed longer :laughing:.
So it works for me yes!