Yeelight Galaxy Loose Cover

Hi all,

Today I’ve received the Yeelight Galaxy 650. Once pulled out of the box I noticed that the plastic cover is loose. The light itself and the cover where two sepereta parts and I had to attach them together by putting the cover over the light and then turn it. Of course there is no IP50 rating anymore when I have to attach the cover myself. There are a few small pieces of dust which are impossible to prevent when having a loose cover.

Is this normal, and does every 650 come like this? It’s weird that it has a IP50 dust rating when the cover and the light aren’t even attached to each other…

Seems to be a faulty product, i suggest to you, to request a refund or change by your seller.

This is my first thought as well. Only problem is returning this stuff… Will cost me about 1/3 of the total cost of the light, and will also probably take at least a month…


It has been two days and still no reply from staff.

The cover can be token apart from the lamp, it is made by design, you can fix it by installing the cover more tightly.

Thank you for the information.