Mesh edition compatibility

Does new yeelight Bluetooth mesh bulbs (YLDP10YL, YLDP09YL, YLSD01YL, YLSD04YL) working with all Xiaomi Bluetooth gateways like Humidifier 2, bedside lamp etc. Or it only working with smart speaker and smart alarm?

+1, the same question.
And are they working with Google Assistant?

  • same queston but with Yeelight Ceiling ligth (it is an original Yeelight product).

I also wonder if BLE mesh products will require a hub (WiFi products do not).
Will they have open API available for developers as WiFi products have?

As an user, I’ll tell you yes… They must to be connected to a hub before you can control them…

…and there won’t be an API because how would you access them? Only WiFi bulbs have API…

I think it’ll be better if there is a kind of API for the hub itself, then users can control devices through the hub, just like the ZigBee hub…

That is Xiaomi thing, not Yeelight … and there is an API… a bit complex, but there is one:

Very useful info!
Any idea when BLE mesh bulbs will be available for ordering?