Yeelight App Logout issue

Hi all,

If you have keep logout issues with latest Yeelight application, please let me know and leave your xiaomi account.

Much appreciated!

I’ve this problem, my Xiaomi account is 1560868409

Which version of Yeelight application do you use? How often do you need to login?

Since 2 version before 3.1.84 (I can’t find the version of previous version) happens quite often, not at every access.
After update at version before 3.1.84 I can’t login anymore in app.
Now I’ve installed version 3.1.85 and I still can’t login, the app remains in the screen attached, and if “login” pressed, nothing happens.
I’ve tried to reinstall the app, but same problem :slightly_frowning_face:

I made a confirmation with xiaomi account team that this is a known issue with some type of xiaomi device. Which system version do you use?

The issue can be fixed by updating system (They made some changes from system that cause the issue), and there’s a new version available now.

What do you mean with “system”?
I’ve the latest Xiaomi mi home app version and the latest yeelight app version

Which type of phone do you use?

The phone is Redmi Note 4x, with miui 10.
The latest update for the phone is of the end of December.

Please check if there’s available update for your phone.

Unfortunately there’s no updates available :disappointed_relieved:

Which version do you use now? And which country do you live? I will ask xiaomi to confirm.

MIUI 10 Global 8.12.20 Beta on Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon, the country is Italy.

I’ve found a workaround to use Yeelight application, I’ve installed an older version (3.1.19) and I’ve no more problem with logout and autentication

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I have the same problem and I am from Greece. I have a redmi note 4x. Trying to connect to China mainland. Software MIUI 10 latest beta 8.12.20.

Hi Andy
My account ID 1918334322
Alexa does not detect the lights
The app on the Xiaomi Mi6 is working well

Please refer to:

@luhaobo please help with the issue.

I have issues with login on SONY Xperia Z1 compact (android 5.1.1) . After login no devices are shown. If i try refreshing device list, app logs me out. MI account number: 1895025393,

Hi,please give me your amazon id(email). I will add you to a beta skill for testing.

Amazon email account: