Server EU Cartelle Raccomandate

Hi, recently I switched on the EU Server because I bought the international version of the vacuum 2.

  1. i have the first generation too and 2 bedside lamp.

I connected the lamp to the EU server and the I lost the “recommended folder” those paths of illumination such as, sunset or sunrise. (it was an huge loss)

moreover, I have to switch on the UE server due to the international version of the Vacuum2. can I connected al the firs generation to the EU server?

thanks for the help

Could you post a screenshot about the issue?

Yes, you can connect Yeelight device to EU server. Please reset the lamp, select EU server, reconnect it again with Yeelight application.

I attached here two photos. the firs one are the possibilities I have on the EU server the second one on the Chines Server. as you can see from these photos something is missing.

The second topic is regarding the Vacuum 1st gen, can it be connected with EU server? when I bought it can be connected only with the Chines Server.


Sure,you can connected with EU server.In the middle of 2018 this function is temporarily unavailable due to right to restriction of processing according to GDPR.Now we have fixed it.We will update it soon.

If you can’t see Vacuum 1st gen in page of add device in Mihome with EU server, it doesn’t support added into EU server.

Many thanks guys for your help, I tried and you are right I can connect the 1st gen too. when I bought it I can’t do it.
What about the bedside lamp? let me know :wink: