Controlling 24 Bulbs

Is it possible to do the following all at once (24 bulbs)

  • Change color
  • Adjust brightness

24 bulbs is located in 1 room (living area)

Yes, you can create ROOMs and GROUPs so you can control multiple bulbs at the same time, but since it still has to send individual commands to each bulb, they might not all change color/brightness etc instantly…

How big is your living room!? :joy:

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Your question has already been replied. But I’m going to add something anyway. In case you use Google home, you can add all the bulbs in the same room. (living room for instance). Voice command based on the room’s name will work.
Hey Google, Set living room lights color to warm white
Set living room lights brightness to 90%
Turn on living room lights/off
Change living room lights color to turquoise
You can also go to the Customization and set a light frame. 3300K color temperature, 90% of brightness. After that create a scene, and add all the 24 bulbs with the same scene (turn on with scene/customization). It will be surely time consuming but that may be worth it on the long run. After that you’ll be able to turn on your 24 bulbs with the same lighting condition just by voice command. Hey Google, activate “scene name”.
Of course you can also activate the scene from the Yeelight app just by taping on it.